Personal Update

Hello Readers,

I finally graduated from the University of South Florida. I achieved my life goal of receiving a bachelor’s degree. This was a long time coming, see when I was younger I didn’t do well in my high school classes, and after being tested I was forced to start over at 4th grade.

After finishing high school, I attempted community college at Irvine Valley College in Irvine, California. While I was there, I took some classes I thought were interesting, but the rest of them I blew off. I believe part of the reason was I did not see the purpose of college.

Several years later I moved to Iowa, where I restarted my college career at a community college in Iowa, where I began taking classes more seriously and even began opening up to people. Unfortunately I had to move to Maryland, where I could not find a school that was right for me.

However, the break I had in Maryland allowed me to experience things and meet some great people in the Washington D.C. area. The first group of people I met are part of an organization called International Justice Mission. They are a global organization that protects the poor from violence in the developing world. The staff at IJM are friendly and very welcoming. Some I have become close friends with and others I look forward to seeing again, when I can make it back for a visit.

After three years of living in Maryland, my family packed up and moved to Tampa, Florida. Once I settled in, I started taking classes at Hillsborough Community College, where i was able to receive my Associate’s degree and surprisingly make the Dean’s List. I then transferred to the University of South Florida, where I majored in mass communications (journalism for short) and also met some awesome people. I was even able to write a few articles for the college paper ‘USF Oracle.” While this part of college was tough I managed to make it through with only a few bruises along the way.

Now after finishing college, I moved back home with my family in Palmer, Alaska, where I am currently trying to find work, both career type work and minimum wage work. I’m also pondering when I can actually use my degree for something. I’ve also started working with a friend to turn my news blog into a full-blown news website. We’re currently looking to recruit writers.

So now I look to the future, believing something will come for me…

I want to personally thank everyone that has helped me along the way including:
Wayne Barnard, Megan Dortch, Stephen Cushman, Austin Graff, Ruthie McGinn, Sean Litton, Philip Langford, Jenny & Tyler Somers, Blair Burns, Jesse Rudy, Peter Something, Shawn Kohl, Chris & Laurie Miller, Alex Massaad, Samantha Majewski, Morgan Gross, Hannah Parker, and all the others I can’t remember. 😉

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