Singing For Freedom!

Most of you probably don’t know but I received an advanced copy of my favorite folk style duo (Jenny & Tyler) new album entitled “For Freedom”  This album is a covers album featuring some great renditions of several well known songs including Cold Play’s “Scientists” and U2’s Still haven’t found what I’m looking for”  This album will be released November 11, 2013.  (easy to remember 11,12,13)  All the proceeds of this album go to organizations that fight human trafficking, including one that is very dear to my heart called International Justice Mission.

I was introduced to Jenny & Tyler by Jenny’s cousin;who I met at my friend’s wedding.  Ever since I have followed their music closely.  I’ve been able to attend two of their live performances.  I also admire that they are very down to earth.  They clearly perform for the audience and not to make money.


My favorite song on this new album is U2’s “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for…”  This song speaks to me in a way very few songs have.  To be honest my perfect life is to win the lottery, roll with the rich and famous and then my life will be complete.  However I still have that gut feeling that I’m missing something.  In my opinion this void can only be filled with God.  I also love this song because it features another favorite singer of mine “Sara Groves”!! 

So don’t forget Jenny & Tyler’s new album comes out November 12th, 2013. You can even listen to them on Pandora!! Check them out!!!


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