Open Letter To The Entire International Justice Mission Staff/Family

Dear International Justice Mission Staff:

I just wanted to say a few words before I have to leave for my new journey in life. It has been a pleasure working with each and every one of you. You have all treated me like family even though I’m just your average neighborhood volunteer. Special thanks to everyone for waking me up to the reality of human trafficking that happens everywhere including my own backyard. I have enjoyed every minute I have spent on data entry as well as cutting postcards. Special Thanks to Sean Litton, Philip Langford, and Wayne Barnard for making me feel welcome at IJM. You three have gone the extra mile to make me feel welcome. I have had a hard time making friends each time I moved however I have made friendships with some of you that I believe will last a lifetime. Working with you all has made me come out of my shell a little bit at a time. I have really enjoyed hearing the success stories as well as the tests of faith during the times of struggle. Always remember those times of struggling end up increasing your faith larger than you imagined. I also enjoyed the pleasure of advocating for the victims of oppression. Volunteering at IJM has also shown me that everything that happens within IJM is because of a joint effort by all of you. I have enjoyed the fact that no single person tries to take credit for any one thing. I enjoyed my season of life being in DC as this part of my life released the compassion inside of me that has been shut out for many years. I’m excited to see what the next season brings. If there is anything I can do for you all do not hesitate to ask. I hope to one day return to IJM.

Please keep in touch!!! My email is

Dear Mr. Gary Haugen:

It has been a pleasure volunteering with your organization. I enjoyed how you take time to talk to everyone including non important people such as myself regardless of how short the conversation is. I consider it an honor to have volunteered with IJM. I believe in the coming years you as well as your staff will see an increase like you have never seen before in the work that you all do. Thank you for having the heart to fight for those who can’t speak up or fight. Wherever I end up I will always carry the torch of freedom. I will always raise awareness of slavery to everyone I talk to. You have recruited and hired the best staff I have ever had the pleasure volunteering with. Everyone at IJM is there for a reason even the interns that I have had a pleasure of meeting. I wish you the best in future endeavors you will have with International Justice Mission. I will always be praying for you, your family and the entire IJM Family.

God Bless

Larry M. Lease


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