What does it mean to be an American?



What does it mean to be an American? Sounds like an easy question, doesn’t it? Perhaps it’s a little harder to answer when you stop and really think about it. I imagine being an American means many different things to many different people, but I assume it is held together by one common thread. That thread being freedom. Webster says freedom is, “the quality or state of being free”. Sometimes I think that if you have always been free you have a tendency to take that freedom for granted. In essence, freedom is not free. Many people had to lose their lives for you and me to be free. We tend to forget about that while living our daily lives.

In 1776 America became independent. Webster has this to say about the word “independent”. “Not dependent, not subject to control by others, not requiring or relying on something else”. I suppose America is independent in a lot of ways but in a lot of ways it is not. America, even with it’s high gas prices, growing grocery bills and taxes, it is still the land of the free. Free to have an opinion and speak it, free to bear arms, free to serve God and go to church, and the freedom and right to vote.

In my opinion to be an American can be summed up in one word. Blessed. I am blessed to have the freedoms I have and so are you. Blessed to be able to go to work at the job you choose. Freedom to own the land you live on. Freedom to get education. Yes, America has a lot of problems but it also has a lot of positives. If you have any doubts about that just take a trip to Africa or another 3rd world country.


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