The Price of Freedom

We cannot become the people of the blind in regard to our freedom. In other words, we cannot become the fools who had freedom and did not recognize its true value until freedom was sold.” — Jay Sumlin

History has always proven in the past that it carries a repeated pattern, a pattern that should not be ignored. We as a people should use histories trends as a defense mechanism providing us with the abilities to recognize warning signs and predict our future.

Let us examine the threats of our freedom today and compare it to World War II similarities. We should recognize the same circumstances existing today by the talks and the acts of war in the Pacific, Middle East, Europe and Africa. As we examine our past history we must review the same regions, the same acts, and the same circumstances that forced the War in the 1940’s. It seems as though the people who fought these wars have died in vain. Dating back to the era we call the “Forgotten War;” which is also known as the Korean War or World War I. The same ideologies of Germany’s – Adolf Hitler, Italy’s – Benito Mussolini and Japan’s – Emperor Hirohito should be revisited; so that these ideologies would not be repeated. Even though the faces and names have changed in comparisons todays warning signs of war are evident.

As a military brat I am constantly reminded of the sacrifices of our young men and women. Our soldiers paid the ultimate price by fighting for freedom. Yet we cannot find ourselves to give them the support that they need by ignoring the past. The sacrifice that has been made, the lives that have been lost, and the blood that has been shed cannot be without merit. We can never forget the price of freedom in all the wars America has  been in from the Civil War to Operation Enduring Freedom.  This is the reason we give homage to our fallen soldiers this Memorial Day.


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