When Life Throws You A Curveball

Starting in 2005, my life has been continuously changing.  Starting in 2006 to 2008 called California “home”.  I thought California would be my last home; California was great.  I got to work at Disneyland, experience a professional baseball game, and worked some fun jobs.  I spent 2007-2008 working at a Motel 6; that was fun because I got to work the “graveyard shift”.  However I was fired from that job and discovered a new job in 2008 at a movie theater.  I loved that job because I got to see movies for free anytime I wanted.  After working this job for almost two years, we ended up packing all our stuff and heading to Iowa.

At the time being, Iowa was a fantastic time.  I got to see my cousins, met some nice people, finally get a decent community college. During my time in Iowa I ended up getting a job at a local restaurant.  During my time in Iowa I was honored with a few awards at my college; I became a National Honor Society Member as well as being the most outstanding new student.  However it became clear that Iowa was not meant for my family and I.  Once again we packed up all our stuff and moved back to Alaska.

During my time in Alaska, I was able to connect with my former pastor and become closer than i have ever been.  I was also able to recconect with their kids and become a better friend to them.  Alaska also gave me the opportunity to help a friend out create his dream of running a restaurant.  Living in Alaska has been great however I was given more opportunities that i would not have gained had I stayed in Alaska.   After living in Alaska for a year, we moved to Maryland for a job prospect.  Maryland has given me so many opportunities that I will never forget.

Living in Maryland allowed me to get more interested in politics by attending CPAC and Values Voter Summit.  By attending CPAC I was able to meet and have small discussions with several journalists and politicians including Katie Pavlich, Katie Kieffer, Ben Carson, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Ken Cuccinelli, and many others.  My most favorite experience was getting involved with International Justice Mission (IJM).  IJM is a human rights organization that fights human trafficking, modern slavery as well as other forms of oppression.  IJM allowed me to volunteer with them; I was mainly responsible for data entry.  Volunteering with IJM woke me up to the reality of trafficking that goes on around the world as well as in our own backyard. IJM has meant so much to me; they have become like a family to me.  I hope to carry on the passion I have for justice into Alaska or Boston depending where I end up.  Volunteering with IJM also gave me the opportunity to lobby for a great cause and gave me the opportunity to plead my case to my local senators.  I’m excited to see what my next part of the journey will be; will i be given new challenges as well as new experiences.

Any comments, questions, concerns email me at larrymlease@gmail.com


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